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Sailing Holidays in Thailand



We have found flights to Phuket on Monday.  Is it possible to charter Monday to Monday?
Yes providing the yacht is available you can start or finish your charter on any day of the week. This is subject to availability.
What about provisioning in Boat Lagoon?
There is a fantastic supermarket in the marina at Boat Lagoon. They stock everything you will need: cold drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables, large selection of cold meats, cheeses and anything else you can think of. They will deliver to your yacht. Follow this link to preorder

Will we be able to use our credit/debit card to get Thai Baht at banks/exchange offices?
You will be able use credit or debit cards in auto bank machines, however the rate will then be set by your bank which may not be the best rate.  You should also be aware that if you use a credit card for cash you will be charged interest immediately. 

To get the best rate you should bring cash.  Alternatively you can use your card to withdraw cash in sterling/Euro when you get here.  Check with your bank that you are able to do this abroad and if there are any daily limits. You will be able to pay by credit/debit card at some of the restaurants, just not the ones in the small bays.

Exchange Rates

We will arrive at the base mid-morning.  Will it be possible to board our yacht earlier than midday?
We endeavour to prepare all yachts for the earliest possible embarkation.  If the yacht has just finished a charter we will need time to ensure she is thoroughly clean and to prepare her for your charter.  There is no charge for early boarding.
Do we need to leave a security deposit when we have booked skipper charter?
We do require a security deposit as everyone on board is responsible for the yacht.  For example, you may loose fenders, boarding plank or cause damage that is not the responsibility of the skipper. 
Are there any hidden costs that we will have to pay at the base?
No.  All costs will be confirmed with your booking confirmation. 

On arrival at the base you will be required to pay for your charter pack, yacht security deposit plus any extra services that you have requested:  skipper, crew, etc.. With the exception of the security deposit which can be paid by credit card (NOT debit card), all other payments will be required in cash.

You are responsible for mooring fees outside of the Marina Base, all food & beverage costs. 

Your fuel tanks will be full at the start of your charter and it is your responsibility to refuel before returning the yacht at the end of the charter. You only pay for the fuel you have used during your charter.

What is the cheapest way to travel in Thailand?
In Phuket, you can use apps to easily organise and book taxis for your travel around the island. Just make sure to have internet access and a means of payment set up within the app for a smooth experience. Always check the app’s reviews and ratings to ensure reliability and safety. Before you travel download the apps, here are 2 suggestions that we use


Bolt allows you to book rides from your mobile phone, connecting you with nearby drivers who are using their own vehicles. They offer various services, including regular cars and larger vehicles for groups (Bolt XL)

The app typically shows you the estimated fare before you confirm the ride, and you can pay for your trip directly through the app using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.

In Drive

Another App that you can download before travelling. With In Drive you request travel to/from and the drivers nearby will bid for your trip.

It is one of the fastest growing international passenger transport services operating on the peer-to-peer pricing model. In the inDrive app, all conditions of the trip are determined as a result of an agreement between passengers and drivers.

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