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Sailing Holidays in Thailand

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Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.

Apply for a tourist visa from a Thai consulate for visits longer than 30 days.

Organise travel insurance, diver’s insurance, if required and international driving permit.

Visit your doctor for a check-up and medical clearance if intending to dive.

Inform your bank and credit-card company of your travel plans.

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The currency is Thai Baht

Many places will accept GBP, Euros & US$, although you should be aware of exchange rates to ensure you are getting value for money.

When visiting restaurants in remote anchorages they will only take payment in cash. We will advise you what to expect in the area brief. There is plenty of opportunity to exchange money in the marina and in town, where you will also find banks and cash machines. Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely.

Do not change currency at the airport as the rate given is extremely poor. Travellers Cheques are not accepted.  

Yachting Thailand do not accept travellers cheques for any payments.

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Prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, however the following is a guide for your reference. A bottle of wine costs about 500 -700 Thai Baht in a supermarket and at least twice that in a restaurant. A bottle of beer costs about 40 to 60 Thai Baht in a supermarket and from 100 Thai Baht up to 150 baht in a restaurant. Good quality Thai food can cost as little as 200 Thai Baht per person in a local restaurant where a meal in a resort can cost anything from 1000 Thai Baht+ per person and more.

The local beer are LEO or Chang and found everywhere, sometimes on draft. Larger restaurants will have a choice of bottled beers.

Imported drinks are expensive in Thailand due to the tax.  It is advisable to buy your favourite drinks Duty Free at the airport. Always ask the price when ordering drinks so that there are no unpleasant shocks at the end of a delicious meal.

For those who prefer something softer a popular drink is Lime Soda and they offer a huge choice of smoothies and fresh juices & shakes, highly recommend that you try them: pineapple, watermelon, coconut, mango are just some on the menu.



Thais are generally very understanding and hospitable, but there are some important taboos and social conventions (even on touristed Phuket).

Monarchy: It is a criminal offence to disrespect the royal family; treat objects depicting the king (like money) with respect.

Temples: Wear clothing that covers to your knees and elbows. Remove all footwear before entering. Sit with your feet tucked behind you, so they are not facing the Buddha image. Women should never touch a monk or a monk’s belongings; step out of the way and don’t sit next to them.

Modesty: At the beach, avoid public nudity or topless sunbathing. Cover up going to and from the beach.

Body language: Avoid touching anyone on the head and be careful where you point your feet; they’re the lowest part of the body.

Saving face: The best way to win over the Thais is to smile; visible anger or arguing is embarrassing.



What souvenir should you buy in Phuket for your friends? Something that doesn’t cost a fortune, doesn’t take much space in a suitcase, and most of all: something typical from Thailand.


Phuket is genuinely heaven for shopping. From street shopping, night markets to international shopping malls and department stores, the range of souvenirs you can buy in Phuket will, without a doubt, go beyond your expectations.


Phuket night markets are intense, colourful, surprising, fascinating, puzzling, smelly, messy, confusing and overwhelming.  They all have one thing in common they are popular for both the local Thai people and tourists. They are part of Thailand life, and wherever there is a market, there is a crowd and lots of food!

Some of the most popular things to buy while shopping in Phuket are Thai-Silk, antiques, handicrafts, spa products, batiks, Phuket pearls, and soap flowers.

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